How to Become a Logistician (Logistics Specialist)

How to Become a Logistician (Logistics Specialist)

Logisticians manage the supply chain for businesses and government agencies. These specialists tend to have advanced education in business administration and logistics. There are also tens of thousands of logistician jobs with a high average salary.

The federal government is actually the largest employer of logisticians. Organizations like the United States Army are major suppliers of logistics jobs. According to a study done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were about 104,800 logistician jobs in the United States in May of 2010.

Other large categories of employers for logistics jobs are aerospace manufacturing companies, corporations hiring for business management, computer systems design firms, and consulting firms. The federal government led the way with more than 25,000 jobs for logisticians. Full Truckload

The logistics field provides loads of high-paying jobs, as well. In that same study, BLS found that the median average income was $70,800. At more than $80,000, the federal government average income for logisticians was even higher.

In terms of states to get a job, the population of the state is somewhat proportional to the number of logistics jobs. However, some states have a concentration of jobs. One example is Washington, which has many aerospace manufacturing companies. In fact, there are over 4000 logisticians just in the Seattle area.

You may need a high degree of education to get the better-paying logistics jobs. Options include logistics degree programs and business administration. In some cases, you may even need both of these degrees for the more lucrative jobs in the logistics field. An MBA (Master’s in Business Administration) would look especially good when trying to break into the logistics field.

An example of a graduate degree program is MIT’s master’s degree program in supply chain management and logistics. Getting an advanced degree is your best chance at securing a job and career as a logistician. However, there are some undergraduate degrees, as well. An example is the combined business management/logistics bachelor’s degree program at Park University.


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